This was my first project using a CNC machine. In order to become comfortable with the Haas machines at Stanford's Product Realization Lab, I created two preliminary projects.

The first was a brass medallion for which I wrote raw G-Code. It was based on Stanford Sierra Camp's "Full Moon on Tallac" tradition, where staff hikes up the roughly 10,000 ft. mountain that overlooks camp during the night and watches the sunrise from the top.

The second was a two-sided maze paying tribute to Travis Scott's Astroworld album. This project was more complicated, and involved using HSMWorks Computer-Aided Machining to generate toolpaths for the first time.


Design Intent: to re-design a simple desk object. I chose a tape dispenser because its function is rather simple and lends itself to a wide array of design possibilities. This way I could really dig deep and focus on form, with geometry in particular being something I really wanted to focus on.


After iterating through many overarching designs, I decided to move forward with a hexagon shape. From there, I was drawn to echos of the angles within the hexagon, which became a central tenet of my final design.

I also considered the shortcomings of the black bulky sand-filled dispensers that are prevalent among office supplies. One such shortcoming was the lack of interface encouraging the user to take it with them when taping away from their desk, which led to me deciding to create a mount and handle for my dispenser.


I prototyped at three different scopes -- very rough using foam core, slightly more refined using laser cut duron, and finally most polished using an Ultimaker 3D printer.

My biggest takeaway during this process was that the mechanism for the tape to spin did not work nearly as well as I hoped it would. When putting a tape roll on my 3D-printed part, there was too much give and the roll was not locked in place well enough. Going forward, I opted to create an insert for the roll of tape that would slide into slits in the outer dispenser.


3D Modeling, Toolpath Generation


CNC Machining, Wax Holding, Milling, Rotary Milling, Drilling, Slitting Saw, Corner Cutting, Press Fitting


Filing, Sanding, Woodworking, Shellacing, Riveting, Soft Goods